On-Line Group coaching can be optimal for so many reasons.

At this time I am offering 3 on-line opportunities in this area. Below is a very brief overview of each of the three current options. Hypnosis is included depending on the topic and session.

Each Option is a "4 week Jump-start" to the Subject Matter and can be continued if the individual chooses to do so. Groups start at the beginning of each month. One daytime and one evening option each month for each option.
Contact for more details. 778-792-0029

The Non-negotiables To Optimize Your Life
(Biohacking light) 
Learn the importance of proper nutrition, movement/exercise, 
sleep/rest/stress reduction on your mental and physical health.

Build Better Relationships
(Career and Personal)
-Understand your Communication style as well as others(tips on how to spot this quickly...everything is sales)
-The art of listening to learn and understand.
-What "win win" truely means.

Goals and Accountability 
(Setting Standards For youe Future)
-Get out of Survival mode
-Learn the difference between setting goals and raising standards
- Get out of your own way

Custom group coaching and or hypnosis is avalible with a min of 6 participants.

Benefits of On-Line Group Coaching & Hypnosis

  • Group support and accountability 
  • Bonus of a Coach and other perspectives/questions you many not have thought of.
  • Sence of community
  • Learn how others in a similar situation manage things
  • A cost effective way to introduce coaching to your life
  • Maybe you have done 1 to 1 coaching and want to work on a certain topic outside of that.
  • You can be anywhere in the world and still participate 
What's Included...
Each "Jump-start" Group will include four 1.5 hour sessions.
A private FACEBOOK group with only your group posting in it.
Homework throughout the process to keep us on task.
A 30 min (private) follow up coaching call within the next 3 months(your discretion.) 
ALL FOR $497

Space is limited.